Reflection week 1 – Player Experience Goals and Example SHMUP Games

Student Name: Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

I wasn’t really excited to be designing a SHMUP game as it was a genre that I did not enjoy playing much as a kid. However, after meeting my group and discussing the activity, instead of thinking of the things that I don’t like in SHMUP games, I thought more about what I would like to see in our game. My input on the player experience goals were based off my own experiences with these types of games.

During the activity of breaking down SHMUP examples I found Solace to be the most interesting as its less of a goal centred game and more of an experience. The abstract visuals were interesting and unique. I liked the fact that it strayed from the norm of design for Shoot em up games. This also influenced my ideas for the player experience goal of our game. I thought a unique setting or unique mechanics would be most interesting to play and design.



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