Preliminary work and thoughts for SHMUP – Week 1

Student Name: Joshua Crowley

Student Number: n9719024

After having met my fellow team members in our mini-game studio, we set to get started on defining our initial player experience (PX) goals for each of our unique games. We have settled on three main concepts on what each game must follow – it must be cooperative in some aspect, the setting is calm and abstract, and is non-repetitive. The culmination of all our PX goals will allow players of our games to be able to experience a collection of titles that each will each portray a cooperative experience that aims to encourage an explorative gameplay experience.

I have always been fascinated with the SHMUP genre, as it harkens back to the days of arcades where each attempt has players reaching for the highest possible score. The SHMUP is only one of the few genres in today’s modern video game industry that tends to exude an “arcadey” experience of sorts. Games that ring a bell to me when I think of SHMUP’s are Twinbee, Xevious, and Geometry Wars. Although I was not around when these games were released, I had an early exposure to these games from my childhood as I inherited various retro video game consoles, as well as playing them on modern gaming platforms such as the 3DS’ 3D Classics collection.

My particular PX goal incorporates what I would personally see myself playing whilst going through the creative process. Although I mentioned previously that there is a cooperative aspect to our games, I’m not too sure whether it would be of a purely cooperative or part-competitive nature.

I look forward to our experimentation with the genre and what outputs our studio may create.


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