Week 2 – Game Play: Player Stories

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340

Playing as a creature that is flying over an open area full of Good and Bad Items floating around.   By shooting the Good Items (Life Source), I will gain in Health, but if I mistakenly shooting the Bad Items (Virus/Bacteria), I will lose in Health.

There is another type of Good Items (Evolution Material) that allow me to Grow and Evolution to different Size (usually bigger) and Shape.  Another type of Bad Items (Parasite) that will suck my Life (smaller Body Size) and cause health damage slowly.

Two players can be playing together co-operatively so that one is controlling the movement and the other player is handling the shooting.

  1. As a player, I want to avoid hitting any obstacle that will damage my health.
  2. As a player, I will move away to escape any Parasite that is chasing me so that it will not catch me and make my health goes down slowly.
  3. As a player, I want to shoot at the Life Form that will attract to me if hit and restore my health damage.
  4. As a player, I want to catch any Evolution Material that will help me Growing in size and Evolute to a more powerful creature.
  5. As a player, I will be shooting in the direction that I like with a short pulse of electricity which will cause any item that has hit moving towards me.
  6. As a player, I want to avoid shooting any Virus/Bacteria which will moving towards me and cause health damage.
  7. As a player, I will try to avoid my character’s health status goes down to zero and reach the Game Over situation.
  8. As a player, I want my character’s health can keep up as high as possible so that I can go to the next level of the game.
  9. As a player, I hope by shooting at different items in the Game World, would create a nice background music as different notes or sound effects will be created depend on the type of item.
  10. As a player, I want to move around and exploring the game world, looking for interesting Objects.

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