Reflection week 2 – Game Objects and Rules/ Player Stories

Student Name: Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

This week we were tasked to brainstorm some objects that we would like to see in our game. I think our team went too deep and started thinking about the little details. We had a problem understanding the assignment as a whole as we had differing opinions about what is required of us. The tutor we talked too did not help much in quelling our points of contention. Decided to return to the task at hand and came up with some very general ideas for object including the player, collectables and enemies.

After our discussions I decided to implement our ideas into a prototype to show my team and the tutors to hopefully help us understand what exactly is required of us for the assignment. It is my belief that we, as a team of 3, are required to create a collective player experience goal that will shape our minigame design. However, the actual implementation of the minigame is individual, as in we each create three entirely different games centred around the common player experience goal. We would share objects such that we would all have a player character and collectables, however that game assets and the look of the game will be our own. A team mate of mine had a different idea and so we had trouble brainstorming.


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