Week 3 – Game Look and Feel


Research: That Dragon Cancer, Low Poly

Spatial dimensions: The game is set to be viewed from a top-down 2D perspective, with game objects and elements appearing in 3D to add a sense of depth. The game screen will be static, with the player confined within a set plays space. As the player progresses through the evolution process (levels), the play space will vary in size and position to reflect the current state of the player.

Style and Mood: Moodboard attached. Influenced by the polygonal art style of That Dragon Cancer, cool colour palette featuring blue and purple hues.

Period – Location: Inside the body of a fictional, mythical creature, who is in the middle of evolution.

Inhabitants: Bacteria, viruses, parasites.

Audio: Audio cues will play upon player’s shots hitting collectables or enemies, on top of ambient sounds that mimick sounds that the inner body would make.


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