Reflection Cycle 1 Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

Student Name: Jack Hendy

This is my Reflection for Cycle 1 of IGB100, additionally to this post I started doing weekly reflections of the activities until I found that they were not mandatory. However, they are still part of my reflective thoughts.

Professional Development and Practice

I had never used unity before however I was very comfortable with the underlying programming language of c#. Whenever I faced a problem I would just have to try and understand how Unity treated different aspects of the program through some research or trial and error. The given tutorial was very informative and gave me a good sense of the scope of the required task. I believe my skills were above and beyond the requirements of the task in terms of the coding. The game design aspect was challenging for me to work in teams when developing ideas. I think I would have had less to worry about if the task was individual. However, having someone to talk with about ideas helps me understand how I can improve my own ideas. Additionally, this scrum development subject is very insightful as to how small groups can design build and prototype a game in a short time. It has made me even more excited to jump into making games a career.

Working in a team

My group included a wide variety of people and skills in certain areas. It was very interesting to work with this team as I have never had a team like this. I wonder if it would be a good idea for the subject to give us different teams each cycle. This would allow me to experience more people however the constant change may be difficult to cope with. I believe our team worked well and split the workload evenly throughout. We each took turns in completing the weekly activities and helped each other out when it was their turn to do a blog post. To keep it fair we completed the activities in a certain order so people didn’t feel like they were deliberately given a particularly hard task.

Working Independently

I found the whole process very enjoyable especially completing the 4 tutorial videos on blackboard. The process of actually programming a small game did not actually feel like work it felt like I was creating something for myself. This mindset made me work harder and allowed me to focus more on the important aspects of the development process. Seeing your own project come to life was very satisfying. I believe I worked very effectively, incorporating each activity into the game and designing an interesting shooting mechanic. My prior knowledge of game design and C# programming were vital in me being motivated enough to complete the tasks. If I did not know these things I feel like I would have been crushed under the amount of work.

Ethical Considerations

The personal impact that this game will have on me is it will give a baseline of my initial game development. It will serve as a reminder of where I started and how far I’ve come. I will be posting the game on my own personal portfolio wordpress where it will also be available. I’m doing this to increase the size of my portfolio and give myself an idea of what I can do in a given amount of time. It will be useful for me in the future.


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