Week 4 – Playtest Plan

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340



Participants Overall approach & resources Session Goals Method  

How to Analyse

No Who What to measure How to test
3 Target Audience who has never played this game before Testers will play the game individually without seeing the other tester to play. Each session ends if the game is over. Tester will be asked to think out loud and work out the solution by themselves if they get caught in the game play.   An interview will be done after each session ends.

Resources: PC for game play, interview questions, notepad & pen to take notes.

Goal 1:

See if the game is fun to play and engagement of player whether want to play again

Player’s response to the actual game play An interview will be done after each session. Questions will be asked to the tester what they feel about the game play. Compare the response from various testers and see if they all agree each other to have the same degree of fun and engagement.   Found out why if there is difference in it.
Goal 2:

Check if the difficulty level and challenge of the game is appropriate for average gamers.

Ability to avoid game over if the gamer want to play Just observe how long the tester can play the game without losing it by asking him to do the best he can. Record the length or duration of the game play for each tester. Consider the tester’s background and the past game play experience; work out if they are consistent with each other.
Goal 3:

Does the PX getting from the game play meet the design goal of the game?

The PX of player after finished the game Without telling the original intended PX of the game, ask the tester what they think it is and see if they match each other. Detect any hidden emotions that the tester has after the game play. See if they can tell the truth of their feeling openly without afraid of being shame or shy.



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