Week 5 – Player Experience (Cycle 2)

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340


Outline of two favourite game ideas that have chosen

Game 1:

  • The player is playing a mobile phone game while walking to the office.
  • He needs to avoid obstacles and environment hazards at the same time while not getting late to work.  A clock is displayed to show how much time has left.
  • There are limited visions of the surrounding as the view of player is mainly occupied by the screen of his mobile phone.  To remove this limitation, the player may need to move the mobile phone out of the view temporary but without losing the game that is running in his mobile phone.
  • Environment hazards are including cars out of control, items falling down due to storm or accidents, crazy/drunk people or wild pets/animals running around, traffic lights malfunction, road path has rocks or holes etc.
  • Obstacles such as dead-end path that you need to turn back, road block due to maintenance or repair works, police blockage due to fire or crime scene or car accidents, flood around the streets due to heavy rain or river swelling, inaccessible due to burst in the underground water/sewage pipes etc.

Game 2:

  • Player acts as a computer virus/hacker defender to block the attack of virus/hacker.
  • Firewall is presented in the game as a solid wall or sci-fi style of shield which the player need time to build and upgrade as needed.
  • The attack data paths are looked like tunnels or channels along data cables/signals in a form of massive networks that anyone can easy to get lost.  Some form of electronic gargets such as map or GPS device can be picked up and will help player for the orientation.
  • Weapons such as EMP stunt gun, Password Encrypted gateway door, Malware defender tank, Anti-virus cannon, Wi-Fi monitor jammer etc.. will help the player along to fight back the intruder.
  • Virtual Routers re-configured by players to change the directions of data flow and hence redirect the attack of virus/hackers away from the target and go to other locations instead.
  • Player may appear as a person with martial act skills and fight back virus/hacker who acts like an agent (all wearing black glasses) as in the Matrix movies style.

List of three PX goals for First Person games:

  • Players will feel a sense of adrenaline from coordinating and balancing multiple systems.
  • Players will need to rely on their reflexes and agility to complete tasks when traverse the game world
  • Players will feel anxious about the obstacles that they will be presented with and the anticipation of potential threats.


A list of the type(s) of PX we are tapping into

Cognitive –

Visual processing combined with fast response time in actions.

Emotional –

The wish to save the victims who are in danger and achievements in finishing the missions successfully.


Why PX of this nature is important in the context of the two game ideas that have shortlisted

Players will feel a sense of adrenaline from coordinating multiple systems that require the player to anticipate potential threats and use their reflexes to survive in the game world.


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