Week 6 – Game Look and Feel

Style and Mood

The style that our game will be going for is a very clean, constant and bright aesthetic. It will capture the essence of suburbia and the feeling of belonging. We want the rushed gameplay to be juxtaposed with a calm natural environment that contrasts the worries and stresses of everyday life with the peace and quiet that nature provides.


The player will be given a long and narrow area to walk within mimicking that of a footpath on the side of the street. The length has not yet been determined but it will be long enough to showcase all of the mechanics and obstacles in the game. The boundary will be portrayed by objects that make sense in the world such as roadworks, fences or guard rails. The small area is used to allow the player to quickly grasp the mechanics and not overload them with information straight away.


A idealised version of the suburbia that features all the common obstacles of everyday life. It will include dogs, cyclists, neighbours, fire hydrants, road work, pot holes and dog poo. It will be set at the current time due to the content of the game commentating on the socially acceptable mobile phone addiction disorder.

People and Objects

All inhabitants and objects will be represented by basic cubes and given a colour and a word displayed on it. These objects will mimic the movement of the thing they are representing. This was done to save time and also because the look of the game is not as important as the message it’s trying to convey.