Week 7 – Objects and Rules

Student Name: Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

Here is a table showing each of the possible game objects that might be featured in our game. These mechanics and objects are subject to change.

Object/Mechanic Name   Purpose Player Interaction Notes
Phone   Main object that the player will be interacting with. Player must look down at the phone to accrue points to achieve a highscore. Due to workarounds the player is not allowed to look left or right.
Cat   Cat walks across the path to hinder the player If the player touches the cat the player will trip and movement slowed. Also the cat will play a growling noise Player must wait for the cat to cross and pass it when its not in the way
Runner   Runner runs towards player to slow their movement If the player is in the path of the runner and hits the runner they will be pushed back and the player will hear “Watch it” The player will be moved back small distance and the runner will disappear
Dog Poo   Placed in the players path to make them slow down If the player collides with the dog poo they will slow their movement. Play a squelch noise. The player will need to walk around the poo to continue moving.
Pothole   Placed to make the player trip and slow down If the player collides with the pot hole they will have their movement slowed The player will have to walk around the pothole to avoid it
Postman   Post man is faster than runners If the player collides with the postman they are given a game over state The player is given audio cues that a postman is coming and must look up to get out of the way