Week 11 – Player Stories

Student Name: Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

The goal of my group’s game is to reunite the two characters who are trapped on opposite sides of the castle. The player must switch control between the two characters to solve puzzles. The puzzles in the level will hinder the player to reunite the two characters. The player will have to negotiate the environment to further the characters to the goal. The game will be set in a castle. Castles are notorious for having lots of hidden paths and secret passageways. The player will need to explore the level to find the hidden pathways.

Player Stories

  1. Playing as a knight I want to attack and destroy objects and make a mark on the level in my own way
  2. As the player, I want the environment to change as I interact with it and open up new areas for me to explore
  3. As the player, I want the puzzles to be engaging and interesting and allow me to coordinate my actions to complete them
  4. As the player, I do not want the puzzles to be too difficult and give me hints or help when I need them
  5. As the player, I want to feel satisfied with my actions after completing the level
  6. Playing as a knight I want to defeat enemies and become stronger
  7. As the player, I want to be able to jump and move around to overcome obstacles
  8. As the player, I want to be able to understand the goal and the controls inherently
  9. Playing as the knight I want to avoid enemies and not let them hurt me which would lower my health
  10. As the player, I want to be able to plan out my solution to the puzzles presented to me using the two player characters effectively


These player stories above relate and will be interesting to our chosen target audience Sally. According to the information that we know of Sally, she has played and likes playing Warcraft 3, Two Dots and Sims 4. These games are slow strategy type games that require the player to plan out their actions. This slow strategic playing lends it self well to a puzzle type game that we are creating. These characteristics apply to Player Story number 3 as it would be something that Sally would want out of our game. She would want to be able to plan the level progression.

Additionally Warcraft 3 and Sims 4 are games where the player must spend a lot of time grinding their progression and levelling up their character, house or class. These characteristics relate to Player Story number 6 as it sees the player wanting to get stronger and grow their character, the main point of Warcraft and the Sims. Due to this similar mechanic Sally will want to play our game.

Furthermore the multiplayer aspect of Players Unknown’s BattleGrounds and the feature of controlling multiple characters in the one game of Sims 4 and Warcraft 3, Player Story  number 10 best suits the target audience of Sally. The ability to control two player characters is integral to the progression of our game and is core in Sally’s Favourite games. This overlap will be enough for Sally to enjoy our game.