Week 11 – Game Look and Feel (Cycle 3)

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340


Mood Board:

Pastel Themed Mood Board

Style and Mood:

Style is Cartoonist characters with stylist weapons against fantasy enemies.

Mood is dark and mystery to arouse the player’s curiosity and adventure urges.  Emotion such as fear comes from the death threat and try to escape from any danger or enemies.

Shape Structures:

Square (for Mature puzzle solver, Balance game play, Cooperative between characters.)

Spatial dimensions and boundary:

The characters will only allow to move inside the castle without going out of it.  There may be an outdoor scene in the game as an option for next level.  The size of castle has a few storeys height so that the characters can freely to move up and down the floors at any time.


Medieval period using Sword, Shield, Arrow, Spear as weapons.  Background is interior of a castle maze with 3D assets in 2.5D view.

Representation and five non-game images:

The objects in the scene are mostly staircases in a maze-like floor plan, walls are lit with candles and secret passages or doors reveal as the character explores the area.



candles on the wall

stair caseScotland castle

Analysis for Target Audience:

Target Audience is Sally, 21 years old who likes to solve puzzle and play strategy games.  Love adventures and like unexpected storylines or game outcomes.  Since she plays game since ten years old, she is an very experience gamer and should very easy to work out the game user interface.

The target audience will be interesting in playing our game because it contains puzzles to solve, the cooperation between two characters in the game could be tricky and require some thoughts and strategies in order to make them work together seamlessly in the game.  The abilities of each character are designed in such a way that they will complement to each others so that individual cannot solve the puzzle alone.


Related Articles:


In this article, it mentions “Look” is the game ‘s overall graphical style and “Feel” is the emotion that the player will experience when playing the game.  And they should all match with the target audience.


In this article, quality images from the photo that taken by yourself may give a better look and feel in the game as they are unique and not someone else works which may also have copyright issues.


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