Week 12 – Objects and Rules (Cycle 3)

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340

Capture the game mechanics for five of the player stories that will be incorporated within your game


  • Characters can only move Left and Right of the screen as the main feature of Side Scrollers game.
  • Characters can jump off the ground so that he can reach a platform higher than what he is used to be.
  • Characters can attack the enemies with their weapons and kill the enemies if enough attacks are made.


Character can pick up keys and other items during the game play as part of factors in solving the puzzles.  For example, a Key to open a door or portal.  Or pick up a medical kit to restore health after damaged by the monsters.

The screen user interface should able to show clearly what the inventory of the player that current has.  Some icons are used to indicate what kind of items the player has obtained and can be used to solve the puzzle.

Each puzzle should display information to player on what is missing in order to solve the puzzle so that the player knows what is the next objective that he needs to do in order to gain progress in the game play.

Team Tactics:

Two characters are need to co-operative with each other as a team in order to solve a number of puzzles.  They should have different abilities that the other one doesn’t have so that each of them is compliment to the other one.

Player need to slit and distribute the work load between two characters before a puzzle can be solved.  That may require some planning and strategy to overlook the whole puzzle first before any actions are taken place.

Coordinated Actions:

Some of the puzzles may require the two characters at a particular location at the same time in order to solve them and so require coordination between two characters.  Sometime the coordinated actions may also have a timing factor on it so that the two characters need to do some actions together within a time limit or the puzzle will fail to solve.

Locks/Keys to control progress:

The progress of game play is mainly controlled by whether the characters have obtained the required keys or locks and they need to explore the area to locate the items in the maze like scene.  Items are hidden or placed in some strategic locations that would require player to think about how to get there in order to obtain the items and that will form part of the puzzle too.


Describe how these mechanics will appeal to your target audience


The limitation of movement just Left and Right of the screen will help simplified the game controls as player does not need to worry about the depth or issues that related to 3D perspective, but rather can be more concentrated on the puzzles solving and killing enemies.


The indication of inventory can form part of the rewards that player has after he goes through all the troubles to obtain the items.  It will give the player a sense of achievement during the game play as the number of items in his inventory grow, which also lead to satisfaction.  The emotions following would be joyful and relaxed when he looks at the inventory he has got so far and encourage him to get more.

Team Tactics:

How to make a team of two characters working together may require some thinking and carefully planning. And hence it becomes a strategy game which will appeal to the target audience if he likes this kind of game.

Coordinated Actions:

To make two characters doing some things together at a particular time would require quick reflexion and fast thinking challenges.  That will appeal to the target audience as it is likely to train and exercising his brain during the game play.

Locks/Keys to control progress:

The locks or keys that the player has obtained are the indication of game progress and will appeal to target audience as it forms part of the rewards, which also lead to game satisfaction.

Object Tables

object table



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