Cycle 3 – Reflection

Student Name: Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

At the start of this semester I knew nothing about development in Unity. The best source of information for this course was the four videos on the blackboard for each Cycle. These videos held incredible information about the development of game concepts that aren’t generally taught. Apart from them the internet was my most used tool figuring things out whenever I had a problem. My team wasn’t very useful for helping with problems in development. This subject has made me very eager to finish University and start developing my own games with my own ideas. Now that I have the skills I believe it will be very possible for me to create and publish my own indie games.

Non-technical skills I have developed over the semester is the ability to brainstorm and write. This subject has a large amount of writing activities and reports. It has been a struggle to put my ideas into words for the tutors and I hope that they will take that into consideration that my coding brain is not good at structuring reports well. Brainstorming was also a huge part of this subject. I enjoyed it but it felt too forced and sometimes unnecessary. I would have much preferred it if the main focus was on the development alone rather than split evenly between development and writing. But it has helped me with these skills that I otherwise do not use that often.

The best way that we managed the activities was to just evenly distribute the load, so that each person has done each task at least once. For me it is easier to work on something by myself rather than work with someone else especially on ideas that I predominantly came up with. It was easier for me to go ahead and develop the game so that when my team had questions about implementing mechanics I could easily show them because I had already done it. It was difficult working with them but it isn’t there fault it’s just that I find working alone easier. I realise though the pitfalls of this because the mechanics or ideas you might develop may not be fun to most people. Additionally, coming up with new ideas is easier if you have someone to bounce them off. However, for this subject it was easier enough to develop the game individually.

I believe we worked together as a fair team divvying up tasks evenly and helping each other when they ask for help. I believe we all worked very hard on our respective games and our group activities.