Playtesting Report (Cycle 3)

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340


Playtest Setting Up

Testers will play the game individually without seeing the other tester to play. Each session ends if the game is over. Tester will be asked to think out loud and work out the solution by them if they get caught in the game play. An interview will be done after each session ends.

Resources: PC for game play, interview questions, notepad & pen to take notes

Who are the Participants

Audience who has never played this game before.

There will be two types of participants: Expert player and Target Audience player.

Notes Taken of the Expert (tutor of another subject) Player 1 during playtesting

  • He reads the instruction screen very quickly with mouth murmuring the contents in order to help him understand as fast as possible and remember the keyboard keys to control the game.
  • He then presses the ESCAPE key to see if the game can terminate. (Which is failed at that moment as this feature has not implemented yet even it has mentioned in the instructions).
  • Next, he is testing the Zoom function with pressing key Z and X to get a feeling of what he could see after Zoom In and Zoom Out.
  • Then he moves the characters around the area, switching between two characters.
  • “The camera movement is too slow if the characters are far apart! Should speed up a bit as it takes too long to reach the other character.”
  • Observed: The camera takes around three seconds to switch between characters and he thinks it is wasting his time during the process as he cannot make any move while waiting.
  • He looks at me when the Bomb appears even before the chest has opened; indicate it is a bug that needs to be fixed.
  • Observed: At first he is wandering around the area and reading hints occasionally. Then suddenly I heard he says “I got it!” and then he is confidently moving the characters to solve the puzzles.
  • “Oh!” he cries out loudly with excitement when he sees the Giant Warrior is walking slowly towards the main character on the Top Floor.


Interview of Player 1 after playtesting

  1. Do you find this game fun to play?

May be.

  1. Will you play it again?


  1. Is the game too easy or too hard for you?

At first I cannot finger out how to solve the puzzle, but finally I am able to work it out.

  1. Which part of the game you like most?

There are varieties of enemies and not just one type is good.

  1. Which part of the game you don’t like?

The keyboard control is a bit hard to use, it will be good if we can use mouse or joystick to get a better play experience.

  1. Any suggestions of improvement on this game?

There are few bugs in the game that need to be fixed. The animations should not play more than once if they are related to the puzzle, as we don’t want to solve the same puzzle again and again.


Improvement Work after first playtesting

Changes are carried out right after the first playtesting has done:

  • Flags have been added in the Game Manager to make sure the animations are only played once for the puzzle related theme such as sliding down of the wall and opening of the chest which should not play again once the player has gone through them.
  • The animation of chest box opening and appear of Bomb item on the chest box requires the detection of finish the animation first before making the Bomb visible on the scene. Unfortunately it is not easy to be done for the animator as the animation clips is hidden inside it.


Notes Taken of the Normal Player 2 during playtesting

  • Observed: Player tries to read the instruction when game has started, but the Bat keeps attacking and finally kill the character with a Game Over exit, even before he has finished reading the instruction.
  • “I forget which keys control what already!” as the player want to control the characters to move after restart the game again.
  • Observed: The player tries to move the character across the boundary at the far right end of Top Floor, the object is too thin and the sword can be seen going through the boundary for the next level.
  • “Now how can I go back to kill the remained enemies?” after he has read the Hint in order to finish the current game level.
  • Observed: Player tries to make the character jumping high and attacking the Bat at the same time as it is attacking the character.


Interview of Player 2 after playtesting

  1. Do you find this game fun to play?

Yes. It is playable, controls are working fine and the enemies are doing their job.

  1. Will you play it again?

No. As I know how the puzzle be solved already.

  1. Is the game too easy or too hard for you?

Too easy as the puzzle is not hard to solve at all.

  1. Which part of the game you like most?

The visual graphic of the game is pretty good. They are 3D and movement of enemies in their own styles and speeds provide a certain degree of fun in playing it.

  1. Which part of the game you don’t like?

“I cannot see the Enemy Remain status clearly as the yellow colour is almost the same as the wall’s colour for the background.”

  1. Any suggestions of improvement on this game?

Attack key f is too close to the Movement key d. they should be far apart to make the control more easily. The instructions should be display on screen all the time so that people will not forget which keys control what.


Changes are carried out right after the second playtesting has done:

  • Characters are moving a location that will not be attacked by Bat so that player can have time to read the instructions as long as he like.
  • Enlarged the trigger area of the Level Passing at Top Floor so that characters can be more easily to go back to other floors.
  • A Black background panel is added behind the “Enemy Remain” status to make it looks clearer against the background graphic.


Summary of further possible development after Playtesting

There are few improvements can be made to the game so that it is more users friendly and fun to play:

  • Brief keys control instructions are display on the upper screen all the time as a reminder.
  • Handling enemy attack from sky with additional Hitbox which should be located above the character’s head.
  • Medical Kit should provide an option that player is able choose not to pick up if the character’s health is not a problem.
  • The attack animation from the character should have more varieties and not just one type. Depend on the additional keystrokes control; the attacks can have angle slicing, pointing in and out, waving, x-crossing, vertical and horizontal strike.

Conclusion of the Play Testing

It seems the game has achieved its objective: Appeal the target audience with puzzle solving, strategy game play and exploration of the game world as adventure. The puzzle is not too hard to be solved if all the hints are read, which will display on screen once the character has reached the assigned location.


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