Reflection (cycle 3)

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340

Reflection on Mini-Game Cycle 3


Limitation of Hitbox

The use of Hitbox may have its limitation. For example, it cannot handle multiple enemies hitting the game object from different directions at the same time. More than one Hitbox will be needed to put around the game object and above (if attack from sky) which will make the program becomes messy very quickly. Another way to do similar thing is using the game object’s own collider to detect collision and handling the contact points accordingly.

Calling of Damage() routine

If you do a global search of “Damage()” for the whole project, you will find no one is calling this routine. But this is the routine that create Hitbox and hence able to cause damage to the Game Objects in the scene. The secret: It is called inside the Animation as one of the event setting. I have created a few new animations when adding new enemies to the scene and none of them can create Hitbox at first because of this missing part.

Adaption of Prefab to the game

It is quite a challenge to use a prefab item obtained from the Asset Store and then modified it so that it is suitable to be used in the assignment project. As there are lots of details (such as scale, animation clips, shader etc.) that it needs to fine tune or change, so as to match with the rest of project settings, before it is able to work together with other Game Objects on the same scene.


Reflection across all three game cycles


How you have approached learning new things and/or finding new information during the semester

A lot of tricks have been learnt during the making of three game cycles, either by my own research or with the help of tutors. For example, a resize of the Enemy Zone will also changing the scale of the prefab that is sitting inside it as the child, but a change in size of its collider will not affect the prefab in anyway at all. I learn this trick through the hard way: After numerous of failures and experiments.

Sometimes, debugging may require you to run the game in a “step by step” fashion so as to see what is actually happening in the game play. Although the Unity has not provided just a debugging feature, but you can press the Play and Pause buttons alternatively very quickly to obtain the similar outcome. I learn this trick when I see how the tutor is debugging the program.


What additional, non-technical skills you’ve developed during the semester

Team work is a very powerful tool – We always can come up with the most creative ideas during the brain-storming exercise, which is vital to create the “fun” element in the game. As we hope not all the game are the same and we do needed to bring the uniqueness to our game design, so that it can stand out and appealing the target audiences. It is quite satisfactions to see that all our games design so far (in all three cycles) are off the “Main Stream” and have their own unique ways of presentation to the audiences.

It benefits most to me when working through all these game cycles, as they are representing different style of the game play and each has its own attraction to the audiences. On top of it, different style (e.g. FPS, Side-Scroller) of games will have their own limitations and difficulties that need to solve during the implementation of the actual game. That will broaden my abilities in problem solving under different circumstances and equipped with these experience will allow me to face the more challenged task in the future.


The most effective strategies you used for managing individual and team activities

Several strategies are used and the most important one is showing respectful to other people and others will respect you. Sometimes we can have arguments during brainstorming, but that is healthy debate to flush out new ideas, and do not have any intention to belittle anyone or proof that you are wrong and I am right attitude.


Ethical considerations

In a team-base environment, there are certain responsibilities required for each team mate in order for the team to function properly: Fair workload distribution so that no one is overloaded, tasks clarification so that each one knows his responsible area without overlapping and finally honesty to the team.

Game can bring educational value to it, and through playing games, people can learn valuable things and rare lifetime experience out of it. For example, in our side-scroller game, we could learn that some tasks cannot be done alone but require cooperative of different people, as each person may have his own uniqueness and special ability that no one else have


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