Week 13 – Reflection

Student Name: Joshua Crowley

Student Number: n9719024

New Learning Approaches

Diving straight into the deep end of individual game development using Unity was a daunting task for me at first thought. I only dabbled here and there with the development software as well as Kodu Game lab from last semester, and thought to myself just how would I manage to create three games across this semester. I ended up finding that working in a studio helped me settle into the first few weeks, with my team mates being programmers themselves alleviated a bit of the stress. Asking them for pointers and tips certainly helped my progress, but I was still at a loss when I was tacking tasks on my own at home. Through the use of video and text tutorials online, as well as the prescribed videos for each cycle, it helped me step through the stages required to implement certain features. I’m relieved that I have been able to create three games, thought with varying success. To help assist me in future development cycles I may be involved in, I intend on persevering with self-teaching methods for programming.

Non-technical Skill Development

Over the course of the past 13 weeks, I have been able to reinvigorate my creative mind which I have been abandoning since childhood. Bouncing ideas off one another and iterating on concepts and themes has helped me shape my way of working through a design challenge. With each cycle, it became easier to communicate with one another as we tried to incorporate our ideas together where possible. This was helped by understanding how each person envisions the end project, rather than sticking to our own ideas, whereas during the first cycle we struggled to find a middle-ground where we all agreed. Additionally, with the blog activities we have been assigned, it helped me to understand other methods and ways of tacking the design process.

Strategies for Individual/Team Activities

Whilst I was struggling with certain aspects of the development process, contacting fellow team members or meeting up on campus definitely helped me progress further. Although what I lack in coding knowledge, I contributed in game mechanics and level layout suggestions. The majority of the workload, except for the blog entries, was done individually. In the future, I plan on creating more opportunities for in-person team meetings to see as to where everyone’s progress is, and allowing for time to help collaborate more with one another to ease the stress.

Ethical Responsibilities in a Team Based Environment

Within the context of a game studio, it is important to collaborate with one another and to help push each other to perform to their best through shared knowledge and team work. For the most part, our studio did well in terms of the creative and planning processes. But in terms of development, helping those who were lacking in particular aspects of programming would have been welcomed through regular team meetings.


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