Contributions: Cycle 1

Student number: n9719024

Student name: Joshua Crowley

  • Jack Hendy (studio partner) – C# code for turning player using arrow keys
  • QUT assignment base and videos – core shooting, moving, enemy behaviour C# scripting and instructions
  • Low Poly Origami Crane via Unity Asset Store – player’s characterOrigami.PNG
  • 3 Skyboxes via Unity Asset Store – skybox usedSkybox.PNG


Prototype Submission Cycle 1 | Playtest Report Cycle 1


Game Prototype – Cycle 1

Student number: n9719024

Student name: Joshua Crowley

Link to game prototype:

Please download both the .exe  and the Crane Wars Shmup Prototype_Data folder, and place in the same folder together. Then run the .exe file. Source files are in a separate folder in the link.


Playtest Report Cycle 1 | Contributions Cycle 1

Cycle 1 Contributions Post and Submission Link Jack Hendy

Student Name: Jack Hendy

Student Number: n9066845

Using the assignment base that was given to us I added my own game object and created my own code.

Assets: I used the given igb100 base assets – Background and explosion. I did however use a free asset from the unity store for my player character. The collectable objects were of my own creation which is why they are so simple.

In terms of code I created all the code myself apart from the rotation of the player character when the player moves the thumbstick. A Unity tutorial was used and the code was changed for my own use.


For the actual game it can be found at this dropbox location.